History of Compound Coin

History of Compound Coin

Our Story

Compound Coin was born out of the death of UKC coin. The original developers of Compound coin offered fair 1-1 swap of UKC coin to COMP coin. This enabled those with coins of now no value to swap them for a new and working coin.

Coin Swap

The initial COMP premine was used for a swap from UKC to COMP and for development. Unused coins were burned – The total burned coins amount to over 550 million.

Comp Supply https://comp.ccore.online/ext/getmoneysupply

Current Block https://comp.ccore.online/api/getblockcount

Community run…

“At the heart of every good project is a good community.  Compound coin is made up of different peoples and professionals from all around the world. There is no one person that is in total control.  This has its strengths and weaknesses but its greatest strength is that we are all on a journey together working for the whole.  If you are reading this and looking to invest then think of investing your time …”  3giving