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At the moment with the price of bitcoin being a lot lower and mining less profitable – holding crypto coins on a normal computer that gains daily interest could be the way ahead…

We could see a surge in people wanting to own reliable interest coins like Compound Coin.

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  1. Draft Compound Coin White Paper

    Coin Name: Compound Coin
    Short Name: COMP
    Algo: X11 POS/POW
    2 Minute Block
    Port/RPC Port: 8422/8442
    Min/Max Stake Age: 1/30 Days
    POW has ended.
    Block 1000-50000 = 250% APR
    Block 50000-100000 = 500% APR
    Block 100000-500000 = 250% APR
    Then percentage will halving every 500000 blocks until from block 2500000 = 7.8% APR
    Block time is 2 minutes, so 1000 block is about 1,389 days.

    History of Compound Coin
    Announced 30th September 2017. Compound Coin was born out of the death of UKC coin. The original developers of Compound coin offered fair 1-1 swap of UKC coin to COMP coin. This enabled those with coins of now no value to swap them for a new and working coin.

    The initial COMP pre-mine was used for a swap from UKC to COMP and for development. Unused coins were burned.
    Like most crypto coins Compound Coin is an experimental coin that rewards holders staking the coin and making their assets grow bigger. Compound Coin also emphasizes the importance of compounding the coin to make an asset grow exponentially.

    The project is very much community based with like-minded people working to support it across the globe.

    Further Details
    Official Community Website:

    Compound Coin Time Line 2018

    Q1 Jan – Mar
    Dedicated website
    Reddit Account
    Air Drops

    Q2 Apr – Jun
    White paper discussion and adoption
    Get Compound Coin listed on Coin Market Capitalizations

    Q3 Jul – Sep
    More information on Donation giving
    Greater Compound Coin adoption through marketing

    Q4 Oct – Dec
    Messaging with Compound Coin block chain
    Education of % bearing crypto like Compound Coin
    Air Drops

    This is a draft release by 3giving for community consultation…

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